Taurus SHO

Very simple: the Taurus SHO is behind  the Dodge Charger RT - - the regular, SRT8 and new Hellcat - - in performance.  Also, it falls well below the performance of the new Chev SS sedan with its great small block 8. You have not increased horsepower or torque since 2010, and it is on an outdated platform that is way too heavy. I'd like to see at least 410 horsepower and torque and a weight less than 2 tons to improve handling and acceleration. It also needs at least an 8 speed transmission. In addition the dash does not look like something one would see on a performance sedan; it is more like the dash one would see on an old Buick of the 70's. Of course rear wheel drive would be ideal, but I'm sure that will not happen. I currently drive a 2014 SHO and generally like the car, but it does need a stronger engine and lighter and more modern chassis. It could be a great performance sedan to compete with Dodge and Chev plus the emports; those of us who are older and need a 4 door sedan want an SHO that will compete with the best in addition to be a daily driver.