SVT Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion SVT/SHO with ECOBOOST , All-Wheel-Drive, and a Six Speed Manual transmission
Brian B 01/07/2014
It can't be FWD, it has to be AWD for torque steer reasons.  But give me a 3.5L Ecoboost in a Fusion, and I'll be at my dealer preordering it on launch day.

It would light up everything else in it's segment, and smoke vehicles like the Audi S4 and hold its own against an M3.
Mick Barron 05/26/2013
I am looking to buy a new sho, but I would really be upset if they brought out a svt
or sho Fusion as I think they are striking and I like the size, does anybody know
of any plans by ford to do so?
Zohan R 01/20/2013
AWD Ecoboost from Taurus, Dual Clutch Trans, and make it handle. Ill be there!
Ford Fusion SVT should offer all wheel or rear wheel drive. No more FWD for the SVT model!
Bob W 12/03/2012
Yes -- I would definitely buy a new Fusion SVT, but automatic trans is preferred. I would also like to see a hot Fusion wagon.
Andrew S 11/21/2012
Nah, I don't think that the V8 is completely necessary, I think that they should have the new Fusion SEL's be the twin turbo eco-boost with the v6 3.5 in it and the Fusion Sport V8 with your bigger engines, and that will come in FWD or a option of the AWD. This would really sho people the unique styling and functionality of Ford's Fusion line. They would also have a designated hybrid model that did excellent on Epa's and fuel that maximized the miles per gallon. Do it this way! and every one gets the best of both world's or gets to have a basically custom vehicle created. i personally think that Fusions have an uniquely modern looking body with a lot of contour lines and an array of nice additional options to make the fusion you want. Just my two cents though, just a random drunken Chicago boy
Monroe W 11/19/2012
Please don't make it manual only. Not everyone loves footwork.
Sean H 11/04/2012
Please build it! Been waiting on this car a long time!
Dale B 09/25/2012
They really need a SVT Ford Fusion/Mondeo! The Taurus SHO is just to bloated to be considered a player in the Hi Performance sports sedan market. Put the Ecoboost 3.5 TT engine into the focus with rear-biased AWD and a 6 speed and now you have a contender...even better, just put in the 5.0L coyote engine in there!! Sometimes, you just want a N/A engine with a nice burble!!
Phil L 05/23/2012
Ford, love your cars... I have a 2011 Mustang 5.0 California Special... I love what you have done with making respectable performance versions of cars (Taurus SHO, Boss 302 and Shelby GT500, Focus ST, etc). You are missing one thing though... with a baby on the way, I am looking into getting a mid size 4 door sedan to compete with the likes of a BMW 335i. The Taurus is too big for me (and at 4300 pounds it is a hefty beast)... HOWEVER... if you take that brilliant 3.5 liter twin turbo ecoboost and put it in the Fusion AND keep curb weight under 3,500 pounds... you would have a nice performance sedan on your hands. Of course, my dream would be Audi S4 like performance for less... but ideally the Fusion SVT/SHO would have: HID headlights, daytime running LEDs, AWD standard, 400 horsepower 3.5 liter ecoboost (this is very doable... with a simple tune Taurus SHOs are putting down 460 horsepower) , 19 inch wheels. 0-60 under 5 seconds and quarter mile a hair under 13 seconds... I would buy your car in a heart beat :) Please do not give us a quasi performance car (ie Ford Focus ST instead of Ford Focus RS) but go all the way.
rockford 04/13/2012
This is my dream car...a manual tranny, all wheel drive, turbo charged (decent mpg) and a Ford! SOLD!!!
Alex 07/23/2010
Just bring over the Focus RS and we'll call it even. Top Gear gave high marks to the Focus RS and, to me, that's saying a lot.
Brian C 07/23/2010
Neal, I don't think a V8 is necessary at all. The ECOBOOST V6 will be plenty sufficient.

John, the V6 SHO was also heavy, and had 220 hp. The Fusion is a relatively light car (by todays standards) and AWD improves traction. The Focus RS is awesome, when it's dry. When it's wet, it sucks.

A Fusion with 6 speed manual, 360 hp ECOBOOST V6 and AWD would kick the EVO and STI right where it counts.
John M 07/22/2010
Why is everyone so obsessed with AWD? Do you want ford to have the same sales volume as the AWD cars? It's heavy, it's expensive, it slows the car down, and it's completely unecessary (just look at the Focus RS).

If you want AWD go buy a Charger SXT and be heavy and slow. It's a good idea but I can guarantee you that if ford built this, it would be twice as expensive as you could afford. Keep it FWD and make it kick arse like the v6 Taurus SHO did.
Neal 07/21/2010
Work with me here Brian. This baby still needs a V-8! I don't want to overtax an underpowered V-6. When they put a V-8 in this car, I will buy it.....