SVT Focus Wagon!!!

When I saw the red Focus wagon on the stage at the 2011 NAIAS, I fell in love. I love sports cars and the power, handling and manual transmissions that come with them, but, as a new father, I need to be practical as well. I KNOW I'm not alone in this regard.
Many auto enthusiasts want sporty practicality (just read the comments on the enthusiast web sites), and this presents the perfect opportunity for Ford to give its SVT tune to, not only the Focus hatchback, but to the wagon (and the sedan) as well. Honda did this with both its Civic Si sedan and coupe, Cadillac has even done it with all 3 versions of its CTS (though that's for a different tax bracket).
I'd love to buy domestic, but the affordable sporty wagon I want just isn't being offered by the D3. An SVT Focus wagon will give many people the enjoyable drive we want without compromises for family life.
In these tough economic times, many people are downsizing their vehicles, but we don't want to downsize the "fun" quotient. Help us out, Ford!
Darren Fajcz 07/05/2011
I would have to own one if there was such a thing as an ST wagon. Let's just get the wagon here first then we can work on a performance version later!