Svt Bronco!

By Jack F.

It's simple. Take the new Svt F-150 Raptor, shorten the frame, cover the bed and back seats, and BAM a new 2 door bronco that rules on and off the streets!
jared 10/19/2012
ok.. so now i see how it works.. you make a raptor in limitrd numbers to get us all to think we might have something not everyone has. and make it a hit.. so lets exploiate it.. lets make it a 4 door.. ya a 4 door baja type truck..NO NO. lets now take a raptor and make it a bronco.. OK.. NO I KNOW.. than lets take a SVT bronco/raptor and shorten it a little and make it not so wide and call it a ranger. or easyer yet a bronco II .. thought it was a baja pre-runner type truck?? guess the joke will be on all us who have waited and bought one. NO I KNOW a let remove the 4 wheel drive and make a SVT RAPTOR Mustang.. WTF???