SVT Bronco

I would love to own a two door SUV with a removable hard top that was based on the SVT Raptor. I believe such a vehicle would keep Ford out in front of the competition. It would also resurrect the Bronco nameplate which I have always liked.
David G 02/05/2013
Actually, I'll simplify it. No need for removable top (nice, but doesn't have to have it).

What happened to the AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL Bronco you showed a few years ago?

Reading various msg boards, forums, blogs, etc... A large segment of people HONESTLY want a "simple, barebones, back to basics" vehicle.

I love "toys" & buttons like everyone else. But honestly, like my iPhone, you play with it and it gets old after a month. I MISS SIMPLICITY! & so do a lot of other people!

I miss my Land Rover Defender, where I a 5-speed manual, virtually no "electronics" and had a painted interior with rubber mats that can be hosed down. Sure, I could get carpet & other "creature comforts" if I wanted. But after awhile, I MISS SIMPLICITY.

Not to mention, simplicity = elegance.

Ford has no such vehicle in its line-up. Chrysler has Jeep, GM doesn't really have much, but the GM Colorado somewhat fits.

But HONESTLY, I know there is a lot of R&D, EPA, DOT, Etc., is there not a platform that can possibly be shortened and made in to a hard-top?

Jeep sells A LOT of Wranglers a year, from basic models to "fully loaded" spec. I think its time for Ford to take some of those sales away!