SVT Adrenalin Sport Trac

Hello, I have owned two Escort GT's, and SHO Taurus, an Explorer Sport, an 03 SVT Cobra and an 04 Sport Trac Adrenalin, an F150 and an F250. I currently owne a SVT Focus and an 05 Sport Trac Adrenalin. I love the look of the new Explorer and was disappointed that there is no plan for a current Sport Trac based on the current Explorer body style. I would love to replace my current Sport Trac with a new SVT Sport Trac. One with a 5.0 or larger V8, six speed automatic transmission, larger than normal brakes covered by some nice 20 inch rims, and handling comparable to the Mustang. Please Ford build my new truck as i don't want a bigger F150 again after the smaller and better Adrenalin Sport Trac.
Charles O 01/25/2014
I agree with the OP! I have a 08 Adrenalin and Love it!
Very disappointed when it was eliminated from the lineup.
I recently looked at the F-150 Limited while considering replacing my 08 and while it's a Beautiful truck it's just too big for my needs.
The Sport trac is perfect! Ford needs to bring it back!
Juston P 05/06/2012
Sport Trac is not a global vehicle, the new Ranger is the global 4 Dr Midsize Truck... Even though the USA will never get it... They make to much money on the F150 Sales...
Brad K 04/08/2012
Or a crew-cab Ranger done the same way...