SUV or smaller truck to replace the ranger.

By Dave P.

This by no means is a new idea as this has been suggested before. I strongly believe that ford should make an attempt at creating a new SUV one that can compare to the old broncos but of course modernizing it. I strongly believe that there is a strong market for such a vehicle, assuming it is built properly. I personally know a bunch of people that really want or need a SUV type of vehicle one that is comparable to the toyota fj cruiser. If this is not possible then ford should at least make an updated ranger that is modern and of greater quality offered with both automatic, manual transmissions as well as ecoboost technologies. There is no reason that this can not be done. I personally do not want to buy a foreign truck but there are a lack of options and a crossover will not do. I don't mean to rant but ford is more than capable at meeting the expectations of its many faithful customers which I hope I am not wrong. I respect the company and the country I live in so I buy American products as a means to support American innovation, industry along with a host of other reasons. Please consider the above.

Thank You,

Dave Price
Peter H 04/08/2013
Have you seen the Non USA Rangers? Those are what is needed here, don't let me buy a Tacoma...
Jordon 03/27/2013
Ford should replace the ranger with a new explorer sport trac 4 cylinder ecoboost in awd and fwd platform..would make an amazing useable vehicle for everyone
Fordman 03/27/2013
so stupid for discontinuing the ranger.. replace ranger with new crew cab explorer sport trac have 4 cylinder ecoboost 4x4