Suspension Package Option

By Svt C.

Similar to the Boss Leguna Seca Package - suspension speaking that is, how about offering a performance Suspension Package Option available to all future Mustangs and for a additional cost, have your current Mustang suspension modified with that Optional Suspension Package. I've read that others would be interested in this as well. The Track Key that's available to the Boss is also something that could be considered. I have a SVT Mustang Cobra myself and I love how well it corners in addition to the HP and Torque of course. I really, really must take my hat off to your SVT folks for doing such an awesome job on this Mustang. I really like the exhaust note on my 98 SVT Cobra as well. Unlike some others, I've never had any problems with my T45 5speed transmission either, so I don't see how some are whining about it. Personally I'd say they just don't know how to shift it correctly. Those that are doing a lot of power-shifting should get a short-throw shifter as well as getting some lessons on how to shift that way. I can shift plenty fast just using what some refer to as the "Granny" method - nobody would be calling me a granny when I'm shifting, that's for sure. No problems what so ever, even after 85,000 miles. I'll have my 1 of 340 Laser Red Metallic (E9 tri-stage paint), black convertible top, with black leather interior, appearance package loaded, until the day I die. That's how much I love it. With all that said, I think that the suspension is great, right off the show room floor and I'm thinking people really like a Mustang that handles this good as an option, if not standard equipped, so they can drive home their perfect version of the Mustang of their choice, right out of the show room. Not finding themselves at the parts houses, the moment they get home, shopping for a suspension package, that they hope will work correctly with the rest of the cars suspension/chassis etc... I'm pretty sure this would be a hot seller as a package for any Mustang in the line-up - new 305hp V6's included.