Superduty Manual Transmission

By Greg G.

Would love to see Ford bring back the 6 speed, or another manual to diesel Superduty. Currently own a 99 F350 DRW with the 6 speed. I'm ready to replace the 99, but don't want an automatic, yet REALLY don't want to go to Dodge. For the time being, I keep pushing the 99, but sooner or later I'll have to make a decision.

Ford, please help me here.
John B 01/14/2014
I love the anti theft comment, I too am having to consider a Ram Please bring out a manual Ford I'd pay extra or take a powered down diesel even go back to gas.
John todd 08/24/2013
Try feeding hay with an automatic. You need an operator. With a manual transmission just put it into gear and step out. You can have your 5 year old steer it for you.
Andrew S 07/02/2013
Think my 02 F250 will be leaving me soon and I'm stuck going to ram to get a diesel with a stick. Maybe Ford will get one out in a year or two.
Brendan D 04/12/2013
I really wish that Ford would at least give buyers the option to get a true manual transmission and not the so called (selective shift) that is not a manual transmission that is a automatic.
Please at least us the buyers the option to get a manual 6 speed transmission as that was and is a wonderful transmission. Match that with the new 6.7L Diesel or even the spunky gas engine and you will be on fire.
Please bring back the manual so we us Ford owners do not have to change truck manufactures.
Robert R 04/08/2013
I know more than a few would like a real truck instead of a cappuccino machine with a bed and tailgate. Automatic transmission are for little girls! A manual transmission makes a better truck and is also one hell of a anti-theft device.
dominic p 04/08/2013
I'm in the same boat. I have a Ranger that's a manual and I'm ready to trade it for another Ford truck but they don't make manual trucks anymore. I've recently test drove two Toyota Tacoma's and am considering just going with a Jeep. Or even going with a fully restored 1979 F-150. I'm not sure. I can't believe Ford don't make a manual truck anymore since the only thing they do well in is their trucks. Their car line up is lousy.