Super HOT hatch Fiesta ST

Ford offers a 3 door hatch in foreign markets, with official numbers coming in today on the Fiesta ST to have a whopping 197hp and 215ft/lbs of torque.

The 5 door has a approximate curb weight of 2550lbs and now almost 200hp with 34mpg highway. That is all well and good but why not take another 200-300lbs off of that weight by offering it in a model they already make?

It will change the car from approximately 12.9 to 11.4 pounds per hp. That is definitely enough of a difference in acceleration as well as lateral g force. Shaving weight means better mpg, how cool does a car that gets 36mpg highway and has the same power to weight as a v6 mustang but starts at 4000 less.
Wyatt F 11/28/2012
Curb weight of the Fiesta ST is spec'd at 2720. Power to weight ratio will be closer to 13.8 lbs per hp. I'd agree that it reducing it another 200-300 lbs would make it much more interesting in every aspect, but we're betting that's essentially unachievable while offering it as well equipped as it will surely be.