Super camper special

By Bob B.

Ford needs to build a heavier payload carrying 350 or 450 dual wheeled 4 wheel drive pickup that will hold the increased weights of the newer 2 and 3 slide truck campers out on the market now. Almost all of these 2 & 3 slide units weigh out with all the options, full water, full propane, gen, with all your gear and 2 people, at around 6,200lbs. The only truck that Ford builds that can handle this payload is the 350 two wheel drive, and no other competitor can even come close with their 2 wheeled or 4 wheeled drive models. The reason a 4 wheel drive is needed is because we need to pull boats out of the water, or we want to camp off road. Ford has always been a leader in hauling & pulling with their Duallys, now they need to lead again and start offering a super camper special option that will increase the present payload carrying capacity up another 500-750lbs. I`m sure you would be receiving alot of orders for the payload carrying monster, and once again Ford would leave it`s competion in the dust.
Ken D 01/22/2013
F350 with Diesel, crew cab and DRW payload is 6340lbs. Camper is 6261 wet wt. Need 2,000 lbs increase in payload, 500 to 750 is too small. Put 4 adults or 2 adulat and 4 grand kids and you don't have any margin
Ken D 01/16/2013
500 to 750 lbs is not sufficient. It sould be no problem to get an additiona 1500 to 2000 lbs of payload. Put 4 adults into a diesel crew cab with DRW and you will be running to close to your max.
Ken D 01/16/2013
500 to 750 lbs would be absolut minimum. Mre propoerly it should be 1500 to 2000. You really don't want to run so close to the maximum that 500 to 750 would give you. Put 4 adults in the truck, add a diesel engine with crew cab an you need moe thant 750-. Add 4 wheel drive and you need even more.