striped down 5.0 mustang .

I would like to see a no nonsense no frills no mustang with the 5.0. make it cheap or at least cheaper than a gt so the muscle car will be more in reach of younger people.
David F 12/10/2012
Technology becomes obsolete very quickly!
A 2005 navigation system was state of the art 7 years ago, but now its essentially an annoying TV screen that says whats on the radio.
Between buying a V6 Premium with all the featues I could ask for and having a very simple V8, I would totally go for the V8!
I know customers love their AC and Heater and Radio, but at least in my opinion keep it as original/classic as possible.
If we need air bags, a second side mirror, shoulder seat belts, maybe power side mirrors isnt that already enough?
I understand someone buying a GT Premium and expecting the works. I mean come on in this economy, plus I'm still in college, and I would love to drive a new model Mustang!
I like this idea a lot, call it the GTS again like in the SN95 body style.
Marshall M 11/28/2012
I have a '69 Torino Cobra. Actually, a SCJ...the only power other than the motor itself is the "power disc brakes".
Hell yeah!!! You got the right idea my man.
RICK S 11/23/2012
Great idea, think Ford Torino Cobra, remember these? Black vinyl interior, crank up windows, no power seats, optional A/C
Rick S.
Marshall M 11/16/2012