Standard Transmission

It is easier to plow snow with a standard transmission then an automatic because the vehicle won't shift when you catch a slight incline. I was looking forward to seeing a standard transmission in the new 2015 Ford F-250 and F-350.
Joseph R 12/18/2013
renny g, I agree.  We need a 1/2 ton truck with a manual transmission again.  You just have a lot more control when you have a clutch. 
renny g 11/10/2013
not only the 250 or 350 but the 150 as well and ecoboost with a manual tranny would be so awesome, i belive many will buy into it, i no i will, i love my 2012 ecoboost but it needs a manual tranmision, iv owned nothing but stick shifts and many others have too, and many others will agree that this truck needs to get back to basics with a manual tranny.