Sports car to challenge the corvette and viper

By Jake J.

The corvette and viper are the current American sports cars and have been for a while now. If Ford created a vehicle to rival these cars, it could certainly capture the attention of customers, who are loyal to Ford, but are desperately wanting a sports car and not a muscle car. Since these people are so loyal, Ford is losing out on huge amounts of money on people buying a taurus, a mustang, or nothing because their favorite company isn't producing what they are looking for.
RICK S 11/23/2012
The new Shelby GT500 will out perform both stockVette and Viper, and looks better. Their is no rival stateside.
Rick S.
Marshall M 11/16/2012
What do you mean by "rival" these cars? The Vette: +$70K and I guess the Viper is the same ballpark.
the ford gt really needs to be brought back from the dead.
samuel t 07/22/2012
Why did Ford stop making the Ford GT? please, bring it back!
faisal 07/18/2012
ford must join the challenge, supercar is an important issue.