Smart Turbo/Supercharger

Advanced turbo and Supercharger design – With the ability to control air both in and out of the engine, know it’s time to really look at the roll the turbo/supercharger plays in fuel economy and performance. Superchargers always put a drag on the system so let’s put a clutch on the belt and let it free wheel if not in use. Turbo has no drag in that regard but I foresee the ability to harness the air going into and out and start pointing it at certain are of the impellers for different performance aspects. Heat is one of the robbers of performance in these applications so let’s look at a better way to cool the charged air maybe by way of utilizing the already installed A/C unit Ice cold Freon to cool the charge prior to entry in the intake system. Cold air makes horsepower !! Intercoolers are heavy and contain alot of external hoses etc. lets lose some weight and make more horsepower/fuel economy in a modern way.