Small wagon needed

By Karl F.

I've been driving a 1994 Escort Wagon since 1997. the car is simple, reliable, economical to operate, well sized for urban suburban environments, large enough in front for a fairly large person, and I would buy one again if they were still around. Improvements would be AWD, diesel with a bit more power, and a radio with knobs placed at an easily visible and accessible instead of teeny weeny little buttons that force one to look down, or better yet, get off the road to change stations. Not looking for a Flex. Design of the roofline should be flat so it actually will accommodate cargo well.
treje 09/24/2010
Yes, drove the 1993 escort wagon- would love to see a ford focus wagon! Would be the perfect size!
Barb 07/09/2010
Yep the closest thing to this would be to bring back the FOCUS wagon. 3 out of 4 older Focus' are wagons. They would buy newer ones if they were back. VERY roomy for such a small car. Economical and easy to drive and park. Its almost like the engineers don't want a too sucessful car(like the old T-Bird, or even the old Imperial(I know its a Chrysler but right is right!
John W 05/11/2010
Very much agreed. I have an Escort sedan that has been very good. I wish it were a wagon. A good AWD system like that of Subaru and a 5-door option would make the Focus an apt competitor for the Impreza. As it is, I don't know of any reason other than a little bit more mpgs to get a Focus instead of an Impreza.