small vehicle with diesel engines

My neighbor was in England a couple of years ago and rented asmall ford vehicle.
He does not remember the model.
It was diesel powered and he said they got an average of 62 MPG.
He may have confused Kpg with MPG. As fuel is not sold in gallons and distance not measured in Miles.
Either way I have figured it the mileage performance was exceptional compared to any Ford available at the time in the US.
Almost every auto importer to the US has a diesel engined vehicle for sale.
One of my close friends bought a 1 ton Mercedes diesel powered truck, he is getting 41 MPG. I know it to be true, I drove it 600 miles< i did a little better and got 44 mpg.
Why is it that mercedes can manufacture a five cylinder 1 ton truck that gets better
mileage than a Ford focus?
I love Fords, but am disappointed in there assortment of cars.
michael hood 10/19/2011
Im with you. I Love Ford and would love to be able to drive an efficient diesel made by them. I looked at the VW and Mercedes used of course and upkeep looks expensive on them. Ford put the diesel in the focus like you do in europe I know you would sell tons of them.