small v8 in f-150

By Cd W.

I need a F-150 for comfort and fuel economy for hwy travel. the 4.6 v8 would be fine. my ideas are a small v8, large air inlet filter, real dual exhaust, fine tune the engine, port & polish the heads, etc, manual trans, high rear-end ratio, things like this. There are a lot of big people out here that drive the truck for comfort on the highway and don't need the towing & hauling. Fine tuning a 4.6 v8 seems much more economical than the eco v6. I am a king ranch owner and love the truck but don't need towing and the high gas consumption. Let me know if I can build and buy one. thanks cdw
RONALD M 10/19/2012
No bs you must test drive the new 5.0 in a F150 you will fall in love with it. Power and great fuel mileage.