small realignment strategy

It pains me to see Ford still trying to bank its efforts of the mustang with the direction of the new market. There is a reason the wrx is selling so good the market is going away from muscle to a more rally based theme. The only thing ford has to compete with is the st, this is a bit of a problem however. The current set up is a cost effective fwd. I do understand that the cost of placing the fwd as opposed to the awd system. But there needs to be something to start pulling back the market share to Ford.

I'm suggesting reviving the RS name plates for the Festia and the Focus with the imparting that the rs has awd as opposed to the ST models or drop the ST models entirely.

The next gen Falcon/Taurus.

Since Ford is getting rid of the Falcon in favor of the Taurus is ausi land I think we are going to need a bit of refining of the Taurus. Its more than likely getting a new platform or at least a hefty revision. But it needs to be revised as rwd standard and awd optional in a longitudinal engine layout. The transaxle will need to be made with front axle outputs and a rear output for the drive shaft too keep this cost effective. The engine line up should be close to the mustang with a V8 and V6 options. This will allow the car to compete with German sports sedans, the Commodore/SS and be a fitting replacement for the Falcon and current Taurus. With roof line and front adjustments it would also make Lincoln a fierce presence. I know its not the original idea of the Taurus as it began life as a mid sized car but it has grown to a full-sized car so we might as well get it to compete like one in the market place.
Kevin H 07/23/2014
I would love to see the Focus ST stay as is, but add the RS trim which would be AWD as a base. I know a lot of ppl that would be all over an AWD RS.