Small pick up.

I have seen the all new Ranger pick up. It is a great looking truck. First time crew in the Ranger. Although the F150 has class leading fuel economy, there is a need for a smaller pick up. Its about size, not just fuel eeconomy. Please Ford, bring this hot ne product to America.
A new versatile and economical Ranger based on the Escape platform and sharing parts would seem a great offering from Ford. Most of the enginerring has been or being done.
Tom A. 12/01/2011
Agreed 1,000%. Where is my 2.0L EcoBoost 4x4 Ranger?!? I'm waaaitiiiing!!!!!!
Paul Sweet 11/29/2011
It is a shame that loosing the ranger means loosing a small, yet versatile and reliable pickup and sending yet more business to foreign automakers. This new ranger (as offered in countries other then the U.S.) has very attractive power train options which the states have yet to see, which may revolutionize the way that this country thinks of the small pickup truck.