Small front wheel drive pickup

By Guy C.

I am certain their are many thousands of people who would love to have a smaller, fuel efficient, easy to park FRONT WHEEL DRIVE truck. A Ranger with front wheel drive would capture that market, having great traction in bad weather instead of needing to put sand bags in the bed, as often seen which draws on fuel economy. Ford has the pieces now - perhaps a Focus engine & transmission combined with a Ranger body. That'd be great and innovative!
Max K 03/18/2013
I agree. A FWD small pickup would be great. Import it, I'll buy one today.
Brad Barefoot 12/31/2011
Hey Ford ! Guy C. is on to something. Thru the grapevine it's rumored that Fiat/Chrysler is going to do something like this for the 2013 model year. So lets pretend we have the 3.0 V-6 from the Escape and it's 3,500 tow capacity coupled to a Fusion inspired *Ranchero vehicle. Talk about a hit, think home run, game changer, market maker. You'd fill the gap between car and truck. I do feel the era of the small truck is about to close. The cost between the two is just to close and the larger truck will always win. But, with the Ranchero theme you'd fit the suburban market's needs for both a car/truck and make something that would appeal to both male and female customers ... for different reasons.