small deisel crew cab truck

stop with the big truck luxury: build a small ford diesel with good MPG if you can’t build an engine barrow one from VW I can’t believe this market is left wide open and no one has jumped on it yet clean diesel 4x4 longevity with up to date bells and whistles looks of a raptor right out of the box will destroy Toyota Tacoma’s market share oh” and market it as an all American made truck and look out the orders will come in..i travel all over the world and when men talk trucks Chevy dodge ford GMC or Toyota this always comes up why not be the first..oh we military see them overseas so press the issue..and gett er' done!
n s 07/03/2013
I want a truck like this
John S 02/02/2013
I could not agree more. I am retiring to my cottage soon. I want and need a truck but due to the distance to travel, gas costs are going to kill me. i need the truck box and ability to tow a small boat (1800 lbs). A full size truck is overkill for me. A ranger with a diesel would be perfect. I have even looked at buying from a company that imports small diesel trucks from Japan. But they are high mileage and over priced. I know there is a market for this.
Jeff F 12/29/2012
This is exactly what I am looking for. A compact truck, with the look and capability of the Raptor and a diesel option!
John 12/18/2012
Mazda has new diesel technology coming out - Skyactive 2.2L engine (check out their corporate website). Excellent output and fuel economy, lower pressures and temperatures allow for an aluminum block which is much lighter. Lower cost manufacturing and cleaner exhaust (not requiring exhaust fluid) are additional benefits. Now 2.2 L inline 4 (I think with 174 HP and 310 ft-lbs) may be a bit small for a crew cab, but imagine a 3.3 inline 6 or V-6, or a 4.4L V-8 and you get the idea. No competitor would have anything close for a long time, whereas most competitors can get a conventional small diesel soon.