Small Car 4wd

Why we can`t see a small suv from Ford ?
For example, Ford Fusion(small hatchback) is very popular car in Europe. It will be more popular, if Fusion have a 4 wheel drive.
There is snow March in Europe. I have a Fusion `09 and Mondeo `01.
It`s a very good car, but Mondeo is very low car and Fusion have only 2 wheel-drive.
I think it will be very popular car.
In my opinon, it woukd be a full-time 4wd with mechanically locking center differential. It isn`t a very expensive construction, but has a lot of advantages.
In small streets Ford Flex is excellent car, but is very big. People want a small Flex with Full-time 4wd.
Andrew S 03/28/2013
Um, have you heard of this crazy new thing called an Escape?
Dennis M 03/25/2013
Are you from Europe? If so, it appears that the new Mondeo (basically the same thing as the Fusion) is going to be available with AWD at some point in time in the future.

The american version (The Fusion) already has an AWD option.

If you're looking for the smallest vehicle Ford makes with AWD, then check out the Escape / Kuga - it's nearly a food shorter than the Mondeo / Fusion and is available with AWD.