Single Cab Short Bed Ecoboost V6 F150

By Joel F.

I think Ford should offer the AMAZING ecoboost V6 in a single cab short bed configuration on the F150. it would be an awesome truck
Wendell S 11/07/2012
i would buy this truck in a heartbeat with a 6 speed automatic
Juston Preble 01/20/2012
Really what Ford Should do is bring back the smaller 1956 F100 Big Window, single cab, step side. Give it independant front and rear suspension and AWD. Initailly offer it with the 2.0 EcoBoost and an optional 3.5 EcoBoost then after 2 or 3 years of production offer an AWD SVT version with the new GT500 5.8 L V8 SuperCharged, all with a hot cherry wood bed inlay. Retro, Sporty, with some tough lines and curves!!! All at the same time not infringing on Fords Comercial Truck Sales...
Seth Pringle 01/01/2012
I like the idea, drop the weight with the already efficient Eco.
Michael Robichaux 12/31/2011
Had a few friends of mine discussing the same concept or putting a Boss 302/Shelby motor from factory in that regular cab truck making it the say the son of Lightning