SHO Sport version

I think the Taurus SHO needs to be something to talk about. The original SHO was very fast for the time. That's what got it attention. Remove all the luxury item's and just make a fast affordable car. Maybe offer two versions, add SHO Sport model.
facebook.fansvsford 05/26/2013
Good idea. As long as it is really cheap. Same concept as the '12 Laguna Seca, a vehicle to perform, not to be confty nor cute.
Devin F 05/21/2013
I agree with the people below me BAD IDEA. because of other sports cars in Europe like Aston Martin, Lamborghini, BMW just to name a few. and price will be to high.
james k 05/17/2013
Bad idea, if Ford wants to compete with the "heavy hitters" from Europe then they have the responsibility to build cars that will compete in the market . You don't see their cars scrimping on the details.
Walter T 05/09/2013
Horrible Idea. This vehicle would never sell. You have to think about every day use. It is a family car and not giving it luxury features would be a waist of time and money for ford, better yet it may even send them into bankruptcy. Think about the engineering as well as the safety features, prices are for a reason.
mark o 04/14/2013
Love this idea. I could care less about heated seats and all the other luxury items. Give me an affordable vehicle with power/awd that is priced reasonably.
dominic p 04/11/2013
Absolutely. Not just the SHO but all other models as well. To be able to buy the SHO or a Mustang GT in a base model (manual shift, no air conditioning, manual windows and locks, etc...) and be able to add the options you want is ideal. There are many benefits to this idea including allowing a customer to buy the vehicle they want the way they want, a lower entry price, better performance and fuel economy due to lighter weight, a more trouble free vehicle, a less complicated vehicle, etc...