SHO Fusion

I'm sure I'm not the first on here to suggest this but I want to share it anyway. I would like to see a SHO in the Fusion sedan. The Fusion is a lot closer to the proportions of the original first generation SHO Taurus, not the big bulky full size Taurus we have now. I know there is the Fusion Sport with FWD or AWD and a 3.5L Duratec engine but I want to see a Fusion with RWD/ 6 Spd manual or Select Shift auto/ and a Ecoboost engine. I would love to see Ford come out with a mid size sedan capable of blowing the roundel off a M3.
Monroe W 10/18/2012
Pretty much everyone wants a Fusion something like this idea for one!
David Matthews 04/05/2011
This is like the 5th thread i have seen for this idea, it rocks. The Fusion Sport isnt cutting it. Its a nice try and shows they might be going in this direction. But it wont be complete until its down to 2 doors, 6 cylinders with 2 turbos, 4 drive wheels and 6 manual gears in the box. Please Ford please!!
Bill Barry 01/27/2011
I hope Ford actually reads these things! This sounds like a great idea. I like how the Taurus looks, but a smaller version, tuned engine and a real manual trans would be awesome to take on Acuras and BMWs. I know Ford can do it, but will they accept the challenge. Stop making us softies! Thanks for listening