SHO Fusion

I love my 07 SEL awd Fusion but what would be better is the twin turbo ECOTEC out of the Taurus SHO with a real 6 speed manual and the option of either FWD or AWD
Monroe W 10/18/2012
David Janes 04/21/2011
I was going to make the same comment. As a previous owner of a real SHO (5-speed manual), the current generation is still undeserving of the SHO name just as the V8 version was. Horsepower alone doesn't make an SHO. The new version is the size of an SUV, probably because it IS Ford's platform for SUVs. The Fusion would be a much better car to be made into something fun to toss around. But, like the Lincoln LS, Ford will let a good car suffer a slow death by not keeping it refreshed/relevent and blame it on consumers .