Sell 3 door hatchback Fiesta ST in the USA

Sell the 3 door Fiesta ST in the usa there must be 10s of thousands Amercans Single with no children who would Rather Buy one than the 5 door they are Stuck with Buying or even go to another car maker and buy something they can not get from Ford
David Osborne 11/14/2014
I have a kid and I'd tough it out with a two door. The 4 door really looks chummy in comparison.
Michael C 11/12/2014
The 3-door is what I need. I will keep my ZX3 until Ford gets it together.
Fritz F 08/26/2014
I am looking for 2-door (+rear door) hatchbacks so I can have more changing room in the back when the seat folds forward. Guess my best best is a Golf even though I like the price and looks of the Fiesta better.
Dylan D 07/31/2014
This needs to be done! The US market severely lacks in compact performance cars that actually look sporty and menacing. The 5-door is not a bad looking model, but the 3-door is much more exciting to the demographic that is looking for a good daily driver and spirited driving as well as quality and syle. The 3-door would be a great match for many people.
john Smithsonian 06/24/2014
Was hoping for a 3 door fiesta ST cant stand 5 door hatches makes me think slow yaris. Suppose i will go with the HPD CR-Z plenty of power and its small, fiesta st 3 door would be better though.. oh well.
Mike Ruplinger 06/20/2014
If you want to sell world cars,why not make the same cars available in the US that are for sell in the rest of the world.
Dave Maseratti 05/29/2014
sell the 3 door here in the philippines by pre-order
Steven M 04/11/2014
Please Ford do this! I would struggle to pay rent every dang month just to make payments on a 3 Door Fiesta. The market is here! It will sell.
johnrgt 04/09/2014
The 3-door St is lighter, stiffer, cuter, easier to get in and out of than its 5-door counterpart.  Come one, Ford, do US compact sports car fans a favor and offer us this instant classic!  (Could we also have the dealer-installed, Mountune power upgrade kit option, the one that doesn't negate the factory warranty in the UK?)
MrRudy 03/25/2014
I currently have a 3 door Focus I rallycross with. I would buy a 3 door fiesta tomorrow, ST, RS or whatever it came in no problem. I'm looking to buy a car soon and will probably end up buying an Audi or BMW like everybody else in NYC and give up the sport. A 3 door fiesta would definitely make me reconsider.
Bill George 03/01/2014
I agree send the three door to the US!
Mason 02/22/2014
I wholeheartedly agree.. Ford, give us 3-door hatch's again already!! You won't catch me as a customer until you do. Why must foreign countries always get the best models?!?
HatchLover! 02/18/2014
Please bring the 3-door to the US.  More importantly, though: please allow your dealers to sell the Mountune engine upgrade that's sold and covered by the factory warranted in the UK!
J F 02/06/2014
Dear Ford, please, please, *please* sell the 3 door here.  Ask any world class designer (Murray, Giugario, Stevens) about a proper hot hatch config, and the answer is always, wait for it... 3 doors!
Michael C 01/17/2014
I would by a 3-door ST tomorrow if it were availible.
Kneesus 01/02/2014
I know the 5 door was chosen 3rd among a crowd of cars that were at times 10 times it cost.  But why wouldn't you bring in a configuration that is guaranteed to sell, at least in limited numbers if you're worried.  What works in Europe or Austraila, will work here.  It's not the late 90's anymore!
Travis 12/29/2013
I'm looking to downsize my car and I'd really like a small, quick 3 door hatchback.  The Fiesta ST 3 door would be in my garage right now, if it were available in the U.S.!  I'll take mine metallic black with Red Recaro seats!  Come on Ford, you are losing sales here!
Bill P 11/26/2013
Ford, you are kidding me.  Two hot hatches and neither in a 3 door?  Ingress / egress is too difficult for US sized adults in a 5 door!
Frank W 11/16/2013
I would like to see an AWD model offered in the future as well as an optional 2.0L engine that is in the Focus.
Robert C 11/05/2013
kibentot p 11/04/2013
3-door, north america, now pls!
Jonathan B 10/29/2013
I couldn't agree more with these posters. VW offers 3 door options with the Golf and Rabbit, I'm sure ford could look the same. Even if Ford only offered a 3 door on the ST models.
Jim 10/23/2013
We need the three door hatch in North America. Regardless of the sales numbers, it is vital to catch even that 5% that buy the three door vs. the five door. The tooling is available. Please, for those of us who still crave a sporty two door model, give us that option.
Brad C 10/20/2013
Offer the 3-door version here in the US via Euro-delivery and charge a premium for it.  Charge extra for the shipping.  I'd gladly pay extra to get the 3-door.  Five doors just doesn't suit me. 

Mr. FiSTer
jay 09/22/2013
dam where all those two door fords go? i want the two hatch
Tara M 09/11/2013
I'd definitely be interested in a Fiesta ST if it came as a 3-door.
Steven K. 09/01/2013
The true hot hatch enthusiast that I am demands that Ford sell a 3 door version of the Fiesta ST here in the states. They already have the tooling to produce such a car but for some odd reason isn't offering it to us. So much for a global platform, I guess.
Vic E 08/31/2013
Mini S? 3 door. Abarth 500? 3 door. Focus ST? Losing. I have absolutely zero interest in the 5 door. So much for offering us here in the US the same as the Europeans get.
Kyle K 08/30/2013
I'm so down about this. I would lease a 3door today if they offered it here in the USA!  I loved my 3door SVT Focus!
Brent 08/28/2013
I would purchase a new 2014 Fiesta ST 3-Door if offered in U.S.A. after watching an episode of UK's Top Gear giving it a most excellent review.
Jonathan B 08/06/2013
I would buy a 3-door ST Focus or Fiesta tomorrow if it was offered here in the US.
Mike H 07/28/2013
If your only selling a 5 door i'm not going to bother. Sell me the 3 door and i'll sign up now.
Colin Wright 07/28/2013
Being from Europe and living in the US I miss the 3-door hot hatch. I am six foot tall and the four egress doors crammed into a car Fiesta size makes it difficult to be comfortable both driving (due to blind spots caused by door posts and getting in and out. I am searching for a new car now the kids have all grown up and will not even bother looking at Ford or associated companies (and I owned Fords for years) as they fail to sell 3-door options.
eric 07/12/2013
I concur. i would buy this car if the 3 door was available in the US. Instead, I'll be looking at the Fiat 500 or Golf GTI. The 3 door ST looks great. The 5 door just doesnt look as good. Not everyone wants or needs four doors. Ford is missing out on my business because of this.
Ford Social Moderator 06/07/2013
Hi Chrissy!

Sorry, but no 3-door plans for the US. We’ve offered 3-door models in the past (and wagons as well) and they typically sell less than 5 percent of the share and the business case gets very difficult. Our design team is making every effort to make our 5-door hatchback models (Focus, Fiesta) as dynamic as possible. And the response has been very strong. North America is not typically a five-door hatchback market, but the tide is turning. Our mix is very strong. Consumers are buying hatchbacks again and we are glad to be offering them.

Mark Schirmer, Ford Motor Company
Chrissy 06/06/2013
Dear Ford,
Why on earth do you give the Euro Fiesta ST 3 doors, but we here in the USA, only get the 5 door? I am eagerly awaiting the release of this car, but I want the ability to have a 3 door. The Fiesta ST competes against the VW GTI which has, and still offers a buyer a choice of door configurations. Even the old and well loved Focus SVT from 2002-2004 offered buyers a 3 and 5 door choice. Ford has done many things right in the last 5 years and continues to lead the way on many automotive fronts including engine development (Ecoboost), design (new Fusion), performance (Mustang), and safety (entire Ford line up). Please do not lose the momentum that you’ve created by whittling down the product line. The Fiesta is available in 3 door, 5 door, and sedan configurations across the globe. The cost and complexity of offering the 3 door to the US market cannot be that large, and will give US buyers more options to stay within the Ford family rather than moving away from Ford and seeking a 3 door GTI to fulfill their desires. In closing, offering a 3 door Fiesta ST to US buyers will draw a larger number of young buyers into the Ford family and aid in creating a higher degree of brand loyalty. It would be a mistake on Ford’s part to ignore this.
The 3 door idea sounds good, but first you have to make sure the extra weight that those 2 doors are going to have doesn't give the Fiesta one more problem to ignore. Since I bought mine, the transmission gives me a lot of problems, both back door handles have been replaced and as a lover of 2 door cars I can tell you that 4 door cars have smaller doors since the car length on most vehicles doesn't change and making a car this small a 2 (or 3 with the hatch) door mqqy not work thqqt well. Unless of course you plan to get rid of it in under two years.