Scary fast

OK I wanted to put a small motorcycle engine in with a V6, the smaller engine drives a supercharger but the exhaust to the V6 is used to turbocharge the smaller engine. Wait a minute I'm not done yet. the turbos are driven by 12 volt electronic motors actuated by potentiometers via the throttle. Everything tuned for economy vs power and maximum acceleration. Given the right tuning even with both engines there is potential for better economy if you think of the smaller engine as an amplifier of the electronic motors. I'm still not finished there's more. Setting up the engine (V6) to run 15,000 to 18,000 RPM is needed to efficiently make use of this power and lower transmission ratios as well as big intakes and exhausts as big as 7 inches and heads that breath well enough to accommodate these. The water pumps on this engine have to flow well too as the engine needs more cooling to run well.
David G 02/06/2013
Interesting, and for the most part like what you have to say and your thinking...just a few things. 1)Why are the turbos driven by electric motors, its a waste IMHO. The "point" of a turbo is harnessing the power the using "wasted" energy in the form of exhaust gas to power a turbine, which blowe/compresses more air in to the engine. Turbos in general are and can greatly increase the efficiency of an engine, putting electric motors on them would not only take away that efficiency, but possibly make the engine less efficient (you have to take in to consideration the entire electrical system to power the turbos.

Also, as much as I loved a high revving engine (why I would love to have a hyabusa in a car one day), motorcycle engines have NO tourque and are not designed to power a car.

lastly, by having any engine running at 7,8, 10,000, 18,000??? rpm, would KILL your mpg! Even Though I drive a V8 "SUV", when I'm cruising on the highway at 65 and the rpm is is only about 1800 rpm, which is only 1000 more rpm than what it is when idling, my MPG is actually about 20mpg (as opposed to 14 in stop & go traffic).

If you want a high rpm engine...go turbine! In reality, having a small turbine (aka "jet engine"0 running at a constant (very high) rpm, which acts as a "range extender" aka generator would probably do well. I'm not the one to come up with the idea. Many people, even Jay Leno I believe said that is one way to go. Not to mention, a turbine can be designed to run on pretty much anything! Ethanol, biodiesel, kerosene, etc.

Although it all sounds cool, I'm really not a "fan" of hybrids and feels that there is plenty of life life in the internal combustion engine. Ford proved it by having a 1 ltr! "EcoBoost" engine. By having turbos, direction injection, and smart electronics, you have a TINY 1 ltr engine putting almost the same power as V8s did just a few years ago. Think about it. 15yrs ago your average V8 prob only put out something in the 200 hp range?

which is why I'm not a fan of hybrids! When technology is applied to a "standard" engine, look what it could it do! If you can get somewhere in the range of 125? hp & up to about 150 torque from a 1ltr 3 cyl engine, WHY go through the expense and complication of a hybrid????

Supposedly, a LOT more power can be had from the engine. A close to 200 hp "ST" or SVT version may eventually be offered.

Just imagine is the same tech is applied to some diesels?!?!?

BTW, its actually 999cc! it's technically not even 1ltr