RWD/AWD platform for BMW fighter

Ford makes some great looking vehicles, but they are all FWD based (except the Mustang). All FWD cars are nose-heavy and there's no way to get around that when it comes to handling.

Ford would be wise to build a new RWD/AWD platform that could be used for many new vehicles (similar to what GM is doing with the Alpha platform). I would love to see a new Ford sport sedan. Mount an Ecoboost engine longitudinally behind the front axle for improved front-rear-weight distribution. It could compete with the BMW 3-Series at a lower price!
Rob T 09/27/2012
They have a RWD sedan in Australia, the Falcon. For some silly reason, they haven't bothered to bring it to North America. GM brought the Commodore over, as the Pontiac G8, and they're almost impossible to find used. Anybody who has one doesn't want to get rid of it!

Do this, Ford. And not just some crappy bare bones version. Bring them ALL over, including the Ute.