RWD sedan/sport coupe

I know that Ford Motor Co had prepared a full size RWD sedan concept alled interceptor, presumably to replace the crown victoria/grand marquis and subsequently the idea has been shelved indefinitly, I believe the concept still has merit but perhaps the execution of the concept may not have been all that marketable, we can see many of the design ques originally seen on the interceptor on the new Taurus, but while the other domestic auto manufacturers have in recent year gradually started comming back into this market Ford motor company has been slowly exiting it

I believe the market exsists for a personal luxry sport coupe like the Thunderbird had been for many years and a 4 door version on a stretched floorpan which would ideally be called the Ford Fairlane which could be powered by the ecoboost V6 and a V8 version which could be called the Fairlane 500, this would also provide a platform for a new lincoln towncar
ryan s 06/22/2012
I was a little peeved when I heard that the full sized interceptor concept was shelved. It was a beautiful design, and I was excited to see it on the roads. Ford I love you, but why are you giving yourself a euro image? It doesn't make sense to me. The panther platform was great, and it was amazing for it's fleet capabilities. It's beyond me why it was discontinued.