RS Edge or Escape

By Lyon W.

I just recently started working as a porter at a local ford dealership and just yesterday had the opportunity to try out the new Edge ecoboost which I and several of my coworkers all thought was a very fun model and much faster than you would expect for being power by a V4. This led to the unanimous conclusion that if you were to take the V6 ecoboost from the F-150 and use it as the power train for an RS version of etheir the Edge or the Escape the result would be absolutely phenomenal! Honestly how could you possibly go wrong with either? The result would be a highly practical family crossover that just happens to be wicked amounts of fun when you open up the throttle. Additionally I think these platforms would be really very successful in our current society. As the Nissan Juke R project proved there is most certainly a market for fun and fast crossovers at the moment, and I see no reason why you should capitalize on that when you already have the brillliant platforms and revolutionairy engines just waiting to be paired up.
Andrew h 12/21/2012