Roof stiffening of F-150 supercrew

By Jim H.

I've had my supercrew for about a year and a half now and love the room it provides.  However it creates a large area of roof steel.  The engineers did a great job in the indentation stamps to prevent wobbles and pops at highway speed but when I go through a carwash it gives a loud pop when the air dryer pushes it in.  I also notice it is wobbly when I wash/wax the roof.  It may too expensive for production but could you develop/provide a stiffener (as simple as a roof-rack-like application) that can be applied.  A rack option would also be nice for those loads you may want to lay across the roof and also provide tie down points.  Maybe a rubber mat (or even bedliner spray) and pop-up tie downs (I know that one is too much for production, but I would pay as an option or accessory).
Jim H 09/11/2013
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