Revive the Small Truck Platform

By Earl G.

The F-150 is too damn big; especially for those of us living in larger citys like Southern California.  It is a complete bear to park; I've got a 96 explorer which need to be replaced; preferably with a truck.  Sadly the discontinutation of your Ranger line has me looking at the Toyota Tacoma which has essentially remained unchanged in terms of engine or trans technology since 2005. 

A V6 4x4 Access Cab Tacoma, while the perfect size for us city dwellers gets 16 City/ 19 Hwy mpg. That's at a curb weight of 4,100 lbs.

An F1-150 4x4 with ecoboost gets 15 City / 21 Hwy mpg. Despite a curb weight of 5,600 lb

A 2011 4wd Supercab Ranger had a curb weight of 3,700 lb.  That's 2000 less than the F-150.

If you revived the Ranger line, sticking in it the f-150 innovations (Eco-boost, 6 speed trans); You would have a 4x4 truck that could be pulling 25 City/30 Hwy Mpg and could out-haul the current F150.

I undestand all of the reasons why you left the small/mid size truck market;  It's dwindling, the plant closed, the F-150 is everything the Ranger is an more. 

But a 4x4 truck that can pullover 25mpg on gasoline is something significant and would beat the heck out of anything coming out of Toyota. 

In 2011 you sold 70k rangers to 110k Tacoma's
In 2012 you sold 19k Rnagers to 141k Tacomas

It's in-arguable that the decision to stop producing the ranger has allowed some market share to be absorbed by Toyota.

I'm no expert, but all the new F-150 tech in a slightly smaller package would result in what's probably the best small truck on the market.

As it stands, I am seriously considering getting a eco-boost crate motor and new trans and sticking it in a old F-100 body.  That gets me a small truck with phenominal gas mileage that can likely out tow the current F-150 while still being able to park in a big city.

I'd love to buy a new Ford; you guys are on the bleeding edge of technology.  But the package it's in (The F-150) is just too damn big to be functional in city life. 

Short of Reviving the ranger, my only option is to take the new tech and stuff it in an old shell. 

Thanks for reading.
Daniel B 02/03/2014
I would love to see a return of the Ranger. I do not want a full size truck! But what I would like to see is a significant increase in fuel mileage. It seems that it should be awful easy to get 30+ mpg on the highway with todays technologies. I do a lot of weekend fishing, hunting, and hiking at places that are 4-6 hours away. With a vehicle that gets 30 mpg, these places now only require less than a tank of gas to get there. I would think the demand would be huge. Americans would be able to resume long weekend trips without worrying about the high prices of gasoline. I own a 2002 Ranger Edge and would love to see something similar to this again, but with improbed mileage.
William L 01/29/2014
The perfect truck for me was the 1998 Dodge dakota with the long bed. I think the 318 V8 was a bit of overkill, a moderate-size V6 with 5-speed transmission would have been sufficient.What I would like to see from Ford would be a 7/8 scale, 1950-ish F1 styled "midsize" pickup with V6. Call it a "Ranger" if you like, add a turbodiesel option, just make sure the dealers understand it's supposed to be priced lower than the F-150.
Alex M 01/27/2014
I agree because the Ranger would be ideal with a small but powerful diesel for city and highway economy. It would also be great if it had some sort of terrain management with extraordinary traction and power distribution to any wheel with traction.
Jim G 01/27/2014
The Ranger also needs a diesel option. Diesels require less maintenance, have a much longer engine life, get higher MPG's, and have better torque than gasoline engines.
Juston P 01/27/2014
A new Ranger with independant front and rear suspension. Aluminum body, and a-arms. The new 2.7 liter ecoboost engine with 6 speed transmission available in all wheel drive and the ford explorer terrain management and wheel wells which  hold up to 33x12.5x20 wheels and tires and you have a mans truck in a small package which gets 25 city mpg and 32 hwy mpg. 
Chuck K 01/26/2014
I agree. Bring Back the Ranger please! In our fire department's fleet, we have 15 Expeditions that I'd like to replace with a small pick-up with four doors, 4-wheel drive, and a small bed to carry contaminated equipment and bunker gear. Rangers would be perfect for us and many departments in our area. Cheaper, practical, and easier on fuel.
Daniel M 01/25/2014
i agree 1000%