Revive Mark VIII

I would like to hear that your engineers are working on reviving the Lincoln Mark VIII. This car was super stylish with power and drove like a dream. I still see them on the road and outshine anything that Ford Motor Company is coming up with today.
Zac M 09/27/2012
The only thing that could possibly replace my Mark VII is a proper, RWD, V8 coupe! Mark IX? Yes, please.
Douglas A 09/12/2012
Dear Lincoln: My Mark VIII will have to be pried from my cold dead hands. i will be sinking alot of money into it to keep it -- forever. The ONLY way (Hint Hint) to get me to change my mind (BIG hint right here) is to build a suitable replacement. If you want my hard earned cash, you will have to do better than a front wheel drive family/grocery-getter. Another RWD 2-door luxury sport coupe to compliment my Mark VIII will certainly do that. Will you? (Ford already has a MUSTANG chassis you can use - no "Reinventing The Wheel", so to speak...)