Revitalized Taurus SHO

Chassis: Lighter Chassis (Enlarged Fusion Chassis) or (Modified S550 Chassis)
Engine: 3.5L EcoBoost or 5.0L Coyote
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual or Paddle-Shifted Automatic
Driveline: AWD with 50/50 ratio with rear dedicated (possible 40/60 in performance mode)
Exterior: Shorter (height) rear end with wider stance. Rear diffuser (like S550 Mustang)
Interior: Recaro seats with larger overall room.
shannon b 04/20/2014
I think its a great idea. I would also like 5.0 and rear wheel drive based all wheel drive system. There not much eco in the ecoboost.  I have a 2013 sho and fuel economy is nothing to write home about. 
Chance F 02/26/2014
I'd rather have the V6 Ecoboost because turbo, and have you seen the mileage you get with the Coyote? They are toys for grown-ups, not pony cars. If you want that buy a Mustang...
Anthony F 02/21/2014
I think they need to keep updating the SHO as the future comes. Esspecially with Ford Austraila closing the Falcon line, and without the Crown Vic, Ford needs a AWD/RWD V8 Sedan, bad. Put the Taurus on a diet, give it some more interior space, and give that thing a 5.0. The SHO wasn't always a V6.