Revamp The Ranger

The Ranger has not received much attention as of late. It needs a revamp. A new engine with a six speed manual and a six speed automatic are the most important parts in my mind. The engine needs to be at least a 2.7 liter inline four with some real horsepower to compete with other small trucks. I think a 2.5 liter ecoboost engine would be great for the ranger, or 2.5 liter turbo diesel would be awesome. The Ranger needs a real four door option also. I like the idea of the rear doors opening from the front instead of the back. I really want a Ranger, I need a small truck, but the competiton is just way better right now.
Kevin Christensen 05/25/2010
You are right. The European Ranger is way better in every way to our Ranger, and they have nice crew cabs.
Michael 05/25/2010
bring on the ranger crew cab! its available in other countries. why not here in the U.S.?