Return of 7.3 Powerstroke/ZF 6

By Josh W.

Hey Ford you should bring back Everyones favortie diesel engine the 7.3 Powerstroke with the ZF 6-speed OD Manual, Ford the 7.3 was FORD bestselling diesel engine also useful engine and it would be awesome if Ford bring it back for later 2012-2013 Ford Super Duty year also return the ZF 6-speed OD Manual which we also need cause me and other people dont want a automatic we prefer the ZF 6-speed OD manual trans for fuel economy,total control, less purchase price,maintenace over the crappy automatics are boring, expensive on maintenace, use more fuel and brings up purchase price so ford Please Bring back the 7.3 powerstroke diesel and ZF 6-SPEED OD manual- WE NEED BOTH Back in the Ford Super Duty
Parker S 09/21/2014
I too would like to see a vgt common rail 7.3l. I think the low end torque would be amazing but I dont think a manual transmission diesel will ever be offered again. When diesels engines maited to a manual trammissions were availble they accounted for less than 5% of the market. Unless there is proof other wise I dont see a manual trasmission comming back. 
andrew 01/20/2014
The 6.7's are starting to have problems i think fords diesel techs just dont know how to design a cost effective motor marry international again put a new and improved 7.3L in theese trucks meet emissions and put out more power and torque than ever before and back it with a new and improved zf6 dont get me wrong i love the zf6 its great but it could shift a bit smoother and it could handle more power
Michael K 07/24/2013
I know a few people that have already blown out the turbos in the 6.7. The 7.3 is and was the best. It is proven power that last. I still haul the heck out of heavy loads on a daily basis. I am not talking toys and such either. I am talking heavy loads of Aggrigates, soil, retaining wall, pavers, heavy equipment ect;. I do have a automatic in mine and it is still holding strong. However the 6 sp would be nice. I have 4.10s in my truck and I fell my rpms are up to high at highway speeds. I like the idea of this and it really should be considered highly. I see a lot of newer trucks that blow out all kinds of particulate matter. Way more than my truck which barely blows any smoke even in the highest chip setting.
kevin 08/14/2012
bogus the 7.3 is still used in international heavy equipment such as school buses and big box trucks so it not the emissions
Charlee Thompson 02/15/2012
I would love to see this engine make a come back.
CT Field 02/01/2012
Drive a new 6.7. The other may have been good, BUT... Nothing compares with the new engine. I can't believe the advancements. I had 2 6.0s with no problems. This new one is not even in the same league. Drive one. You'll check the fuel cap to be sure it's a diesel. The midrange power is the key. 30 to 60 mph with a load is no problem. I used to be in the tow/haul mode all the time. Haven't touch this one yet....
Devin 12/20/2011
Yes please bring back the 7.3L with the black cam sensor. More power and better fuel economy.
Rogers Hunter 12/11/2011
I will not buy another Ford if they don't offer a manual transmission. My reasons are the same as anybody's. Control, reliability, economy, etc. TThey are so far superior to automatics in those regards that my feeling is that if I know how to drive one of them, I'm crazy if I don't. It seems like the automatic transmission is always the first thing to give trouble in a truck.
michael misiewicz 12/10/2011
That engine was truley the best. The diesel should be exempt from emissions, just bring it back and tell those tree hugger hippies to go pound sand. And what is the deal with no option for a manual trans on the f-350's?
Charles Bohlman 12/09/2011
Ford new the 7.3L was a legendary engine. Unfortunately it won't pass emissions today so it will never be returning. The 6.0 and 6.4 were not legendary in any way anyone wanted them to be legendary, but I think they have the 6.7L on the path to another possible legend. Not only is the reliability back to where it should be, but the fuel economy is getting there also. Good job.