Retro-Style Bronco

By Mark T.

What about building a retro-style Ford Bronco late 1960'S? A real 4X4! I think they would sell.
Morgan B 05/11/2014
Please bring back the Ford Bronco in the 2016 svt concept!! I will be on the list to buy a full up bronco from the factory as soon as you do.
Brian M 05/01/2014
The Bronco nameplate is everybit if not more legendary than the Jeep Badge. At a time when the Cherokee is no longer an off road rig and the wrangler going to ifs in 2016 it's a great time to bring back a truly off road capable unit with solid axles, factory roll bar, Lockers and most of all a removable top. Please don't ruin the Bronco name with a glorified F-150 or Expedition. 
Jennifer B 05/01/2014
Stephen J and John C I agree! I really would love the 2004 Bronco concept and the only thing out there close is the Wrangler. I don't want a Jeep... but that is really the only option.
Ron A 04/20/2014
Please build it! I like the retro version, make it affordable.
James M 04/17/2014
Don't even need to go that retro.  I personally Loved the 1990-91.  Just build those again.  Same design, just updated materials and parts.  I'll order one the day the order banks open.  Guarenteed.  
Stephen J 04/15/2014
I agree with John C. Bring the 2004 Bronco concept to the market, make it out of aluminum and put a 5.0 with a price similar to the wrangler and you would sell more than the Raptors!
John C 02/27/2014
Ford is losing sales to the Wrangler, there are a lot of Ford guys that want a new retro bronco but are buying wranglers because that's the only thing out there.