Retro Bronco

By Alex M.

Alrighty guys,
We all know that bringing back the retro Mustang in '05 SAVED this company, fact. I am very happy and proud to that the '05 Mustang was the best looking Mustang since '73. The retro aspect really took off and paid off too; however, I believe there is another market that can be cashed in on, Bronco!
Immediately everyone thinks of the white Bronco II that OJ drove. I'm talking about an early '70s bronco. Take a few mins to think about the following.......
Jeep couldn't keep factories open long enough to meet the demand for the Wrangler in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Average # of days spent unsold at dealer, 10.
Toyota has the FJ Cruiser, which is amazing off-road but quite scarce in a manual transmission.
Both the Jeep and FJ hold resale value extremely well and go practically unchallenged with their on/off road abilities.

Bronco, all I'm saying!

Concept a few ears back got a lot of attention from Car and Driver, Automobile mag, and from enthusiast.
We all need a rugged, retro, practically a Raptor of an suv with 2 removable doors. Jeep and Toyota have the formula, Ford could tap back into the off road market with a companion to the Raptor.
Mark T 01/23/2014
My dad, my brother and I were just taking about a retro bronco and I know you could sell three.
Stephanie K 07/06/2013
I have wanted one since they came out with the concept. BRING IT BACK
Craig D 03/19/2013
the ford bronco is a perfect city truck where you need a roof and backseat, but a shorter frame for parking. I love my 96 bronco, but would buy a safer, more fuel effecient version in a heartbeat if it was available. Please make this available
Jim D 02/11/2013
Solid axle's, locking hubs, V8, and a manual trnsmission! Oh , one more thing, transfercase shift lever!
Matt C 02/08/2013
I agree, Please use the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep it relatively small, rugged and upgradable. Oh! Make at least a base model at a entry level price point.
Kedric M 02/08/2013
I've have been begging and pleading for this ever since they tormented us with that 2004 Concept vehicle.