ReProgram C Max

By Tom E.

Still have a very long way to go updating the C Max operating system. When driving highway using the battry and ice to obtain speed even if the driver is as gradual as posible increasing speed, seems very waistful. Develope a type of software that Recognizes patterns that can be extracted from the car by ford at home wifi or the dealership; since there are all these drivers getting crazy mpg. These patterns could be used to determine how to reprogram. And/or obtain real 47/47/47 with the wonderful cars that r on the road or find a way to get data submissions from customers in a "Green Contest" that drivers would want to share ther developed patterns of driving (pod) Electronically not through an analog discription. Bleeding mpg without over using a battery with a ice that can be driven to obtain 40 Mpg by it self should be programed in a way that does not over use the battery. Every time the battery is used is one less time Off the overall life of the battery. If I were Ford I would want all the batteries (HV) lasting longer than the competitions, At least as long. mpg without waiting battery life conservation is also a plan that will backfire. I think the car is wonderful if I could turn off the battery i'll bet I could get better than 40 mpg while on hywy If I could govern a very slow charge to fill the battery for once I slow down or go up a grade. Just some examples of pattern variation that ford could consider.