Replace the 4.0 V6 in the 2011 Ranger with the 3.7 V6

I currently own a 2008 Ford Ranger Sport Pickup with the 4.0 V6 engine. I "downsized" to this vehicle from a 2001 F150 4X4 Sport when gas prices went up in the Spring of 2008. The 4.0 V6 is a good German made engine, but I was dissapointed with the performance and the fuel economy.

This same 4.0 V6 was used in the Ford Mustang through 2010. In 2011 the 3.7 V6 is offered in the Mustang with a significant increase in horsepower/torque and fuel economy.

Since the north/south layout, 6 speed manual/auto transmission, fuel and electronic systems have been costed out on the 2011 Mustang, it would not be to much of a stretch to put the same into the Ranger.

The 3.7 V6 with 6 speed transmissions would really put some life into Ranger, maybe some six figure sales and help the Ford Cafe as well.
Rob Ward 08/24/2010
I would love to see the 3.7 in the ford ranger. So long as the ranger remains primarly front wheel drive, with a full frame, and looks like a truck not a car.
Nathan 08/03/2010
The old 4.0 in my 1994 4x4 does have good bottom-end torque, but the power is lacking above 45 mph. I agree: replace the 4.0 w/ the 3.7 (I would not be surprised if retaining the 4.0 is in great part a jobs issure). Also, the truck could, indeed, use a wider track - I nearly turned mine over - don't ask me how.
Dollar Bill 08/03/2010
I agree , the 3.7 or the eco-3.5 turbo would make a new Ranger run really well ! The old 4.0 just had no game and ate plenty of gas. A new Ranger arounf the Tacoma size with a beefier motor and better gas milage would have me looking at Ford's again .
krieger4x4 05/10/2010
I would like to see an overhaul of the ranger line up. It is time for Ford to start compeating with the Dakota and Takoma. Make it a little wider, offer a Crew cab and maybe a 4 cylinder turbo diesel.
Tim 04/14/2010
John I would love to see the 3.7 my 1998 has the old 4.0 what a dog, I'm ready for a new crew cab.
Bill 04/13/2010
The Ranger is a great pickup, but it needs an overhaul (and needs to still be made in Saint Paul). Part of that overhaul needs to be taking advantage of the new motors from Ford. It may or may not be the 3.7L, but these new motors are impressive and need to work their way into the entire product line.