remaking a couple of classics

By Bob N.

You should really consider customized remakes of the '36 Deuce Coupe and Pickup on modern running gear at a production-car prices. From the number of people that have built their own and the attendance at rod/custom shows, I suspect there are a lot of folks out there that would like to own one but don't have the talent to build it and don't want to pay high prices for something a private builder has cobbled together.
Bob Nelson 07/29/2011
Maybe around one of these chassis....

Offer the New Focus 5-Door and Sedan Econetic that gets 67 US mpg that's available in the UK, here in the US. But with the new 1-L EcoBoost gasoline engine instead of the diesel, and add Hybrid technology to boost city mpg close to 60 mpg. We need a viable mileage option for the Prius, where the Fiesta is too small, and we don't need or want a van (C-MAX), and the Fusion is too big. I need to replace my car with a hybrid of some sort over the next couple years, so hopefully Ford will have something for consumers who are not hauling children around.
Bob Nelson 07/29/2011
And maybe they should be hibrids or electrics.