Reinvent the T-Bird! vs. Corvette and Viper

In 1955 the Thunderbird was produced in order to satisfy the needs of Ford enthusiasts who didn't want the 55' Corvette. A legend was born and a very dynamic one at that. Today in this world of social media and a increasing track performance competition we have the Focus ST vs. Mazdaspeed3, Mustang vs. Camaro vs. Challenger. Only thing missing is a competitor to the Corvette. Reinvent the Thunderbird, front and rear independent suspension, aerodynamic, 600 HP+, carbon fiber brakes, track stability, and a price tag comparable to the Corvette and Viper. You already have the engine, just put in a chassis and body to make it more efficient. I am a Ford man for life I just can't keep defending the Mustang against everything that the Europeans, Chevy, and Chrysler are doing in this emerging track performance market. Thank you.
Harvey Sparks 08/21/2013
I am ready for this Thunderbird.
J. Harley M 06/29/2013
You all are correct - Ford needs to make a sports car, like a TR-6, to offset the Miata! I don't think we need all the horses - they only get us in trouble!! Just saying!
William L 05/27/2013
The performance Corvette wasn't designed by the "suits" at GM, it was designed by some rogue engineers who were (and are) constantly at odds with management. The simplest, cheapest way to slip this past the bean-counters would be to slip a 351 aluminum small-block DOHC direct-injection V8 into a Mazda Miata platform. And call it a "commuter car" (wink, wink). Sort it out properly, with oversize brakes and proper road-course handling. I'd like a blue one, please.
dominic p 04/08/2013
Good idea. Then instead of going to China to build a manual transmission for the current Mustang (MT82) they could be going to the Thunderbird's parts bin for some performance goodies just like Chevy is does with their Camaro.
Reagan R 04/06/2013
It would have to be quite the Thunderbird! It probably would look or feel anything like the old ones. Ford definitely needs a player in the competition though.
Reagan R 04/06/2013
Apparently, I'm not old enough to post an idea, so I can only hope that someone reads this: With the release of the Camaro Z/28, Ford does not have a competing car. The timing is perfect for the release of the Boss 351! It could have the 5.8L V8 out of the Shelby GT500, but naturally aspirated. The Boss 302 is being discontinued for the 2014 year. What if it were replaced with the 351, like in 1971? Although the Z/28 is going to be a 2014 model, even if the 351 were released in 2015 under the new body style, it would give some of us traditionalist hardcore Mustang purists more hope towards the upcoming "Euro-inspired" Mustang.
Steve F 04/06/2013
Have a xtreme T-Bird that competes with the Corvette and a base model with a V-6 also available.
Michael S 04/05/2013
this is a great idea they should also bring back the mid engine ford gt