Reclaiming the American Market!

By Doug B.

The American Auto Industry is under attack! I propose that ford does a throw back of a compact muscle car. Something with 8 cylinders that has the displacement of an average 4 cylinder. My first thought was "Vega" but I prefer ford. I was unable to find an early model ford that had good lines and a back seat with only two doors. The Maverick does not win favor with me, but something to that effect. Something small, decent gas milage, decent performance, a Killer Look, a Killer Sound, and most of all afFORDable. Recently stricken with cancer, I was forced to sell my car and pay cash for a 1990 Honda Civic POS so that I could continue to pay the doctors. I am ashamed to be driving a non-American car, but I am a veteran who would like to see America take back its own market! Vets didnt serve to see America sell out, and the government has its own agenda and will not help take back OUR market. Its up to American Automakers to do that. I will be offering suggestions to all American Automakers, but I like the fact that Ford thumbed taxpayers money from the government so you get my ideas first. Thank You for STANDING STRONG in the face of crisis... That's how America was built!
N. Rodriguez 12/21/2011
Great idea! Ford should make a new, affordable car that's small, rugged, and is outfitted with a new small block v8, with all the modern engine technologies. That'll surely reinforce the American market.
Joshua Pugh 10/28/2011
this is perfect it is just what we need small sporty and eficant to compete with imports...might I suggest the pinto???