rear wheel drive platform

By Cale S.

My idea is for an all new platform that is for rear wheel drive only. this platform could have several different cars built on it. First a small light 4 or 6 cylinder ecoboost sports car that would destroy the subaru brz/ toyota 86gt. Second a Coupe with an ecoboost straight 6(not a v6, that way you get better balance), build this as a Lincoln and have it compete with (and beat) the BMW M3. Finally a full size offering with a v6 ecoboost and a v8 option. Think of it as a new modern Crown Victoria and Town Car. It should also come as a station wagon. all of these should be offered as a manual all the way up the line and not just as base offerings. America has fallen back in love with rear wheel drive and manual transmissions. Ford only offers rear wheel drive with a manual in the Mustang. This is a mistake and should be fixed.
Tim W 11/30/2012
I would absolutely love to see a small RWD sports car based on the ecoboost. Combine that with the technology and design from the new Focus and Fiesta and I think you have an absolute winner! I would buy one in a heartbeat!
bob b 11/19/2012
gilbert...understand that the ford mustang is exclusively american muscle car....a bmw is a fantastic german car and i imagine that calling it "ultimate driving machine"....but gilbert...the bmw that can compete w/ mustang GT or Cobra wi be immensley expensive to purchase and maintain. the mustang goes back to 1964 and it is an american icon and there is no car like it. It is an enjoyable, fun muscular american straight line quarter mile drag racer. The car handles good enough for OUR hugh and liberated highways here in the greatest country ever---America...the mustang was designed to be an affordable powerful fun car for our youth and retired folks may want the v6 for a bilt of something unusual than the average 6 cylinder boring american car. mustang v8 cars are wonderful fast powerful AFFORDABLE exclusively american cars NOT in competition w/ the ..ahem...---"ultimate driving machine" your ultamate driving machine and our american hearts will continue to drool over our mustangs and corvettes, and vipers, and modern day mopars w our new hemi americans,,we love our powerful (bad handling---(I guess--yawn..) cars....gilbert--enjoy your ultimate driving machine---k gilbert? k?
Gilbert C 10/24/2012
I have been waiting years ( not many in the UK ) to try a Mustang and finally did recently, God was the handling awful, if the can make a Focus handle so well then surely they can make a Mustang that handles better than a Beemer on ice !