Rear mounted Mustang transmissions

This idea is only slightly different from what exist now, but it will surely help the Ford Mustang perform better. I was thinking about transmissions when I thought, maybe Ford should try bringing the transmission system to the back of the car, not all the way back to the axel like the aston Martin v12 Vantage, but far enough to either improve the weight distribution, or make it perfect. Based on the distance between the axel and transmission, a shrortened drive shaft should control the gears within the axel, prior to a gear within the transmition itself, to keep weight at a minimum, and reduce the need to completely redesign the transmission system. As for the clutch, it should be extended from the transmission itself, to the engine, and controlled from the front by a pedal like any other transmission system. These improvements would most likely help throttle response, handling, acceleration, and overall drivability.
Michael R 03/25/2012
This would be like the current Corvette setup and would move more weight to the rear where it would help with traction during acceleration.
Paul Spriggs 02/07/2012
porsche / audi beat you to this idea by about 20 years in the 924 and the 944
John Jolly 01/01/2012
I think the this would be a great option for the Boss, Shelby and Boss S or R. Maybe the Aston Martin Vantage transaxle / IRS would be a good place to start.