Raptor w Gear Vendors Overdrive

The SVT Raptor is an awesome road truck with incredible handling dynamics and still has amazing off-road capabilities. The problem is that it's burdened with only one engine available; the 6.2L (gas guzzler) and a 4.10 axle ratio with MPG = 11 city, 14 highway. The gas mileage alone is enough to scare me off! Since engines are air pumps requiring fuel at roughly 14 parts air to 1 part fuel, it seems a smaller engine, or a numerically lower axle ratio to lower engine RPM would improve gas mileage. So why is the 3.5L eco-boost not an option? Or why can't I order a Gear Vendor's overdrive system to lower highway RPM?
Joseph Senko 09/18/2011
a higher gear ratio say in the 3.56 group could probably save fuel. with the tremendous hp and a 420 lbs.ft. of torque, this should still allow the fun instead of the of the 4.10 ratio.
Dino Ebener 09/14/2011
Am I concerned about the fuel consumption? Not really, because everytime I drive it the fun outweighs this thought. I wouldn't want it any other way to be honest - sure as a daily it will burn gas, but you might as well get a small car as a daily and the Raptor for the fun.
Michael Roman 09/11/2011
The people that want this truck for its offroad capabilities want the higher gearing. And if you are looking at buying a Raptor, gas mileage is probably not on your list of needs for a truck.