Raptor full sized bronco

I would love for u to make a full sized bronco with the front end of a raptor. Please make the top removable like my 94 bronco, one last little design change though, make the wheelbase about 10 inches longer than the original big body bronco, it helps higher speed cornering as well over all stability in the dirt. If I were to add options it would be 2.5 diameter coilovers to the front and the rear could use the same set up as the trucks with a bit stiffer leaf springs. Yes I'm a big desert racing fan, and I have 4 fords currently but haven't seen anything reasonable 20 to 30k range besides commuter cars in a long time. I'd wait in line to buy one if u were to offer them though. I'm tired of having to modify every truck I've ever owned to get them to perform in the suspension department. U guys n gals over at ford still build the best overall quality vehicles Ive ever owned and will continue my brand loyalty .
Robert M 12/25/2012
Possibly u could offer the rock crawler option, with optional air lockers front and rear, it would also be really cool if for a bronco or the raptor an onboard tire air system was available. This way the driver could control airing down the tires when conditions demanded it. I think for the rear shocks an externally adjustable bypass shock would be a huge advantage also. This way as a drivers skill improved he could tune his suspension to his or her liking.