Ranger/Explorer with a Diesel

Once the diesel wars started with the big 3. The popularity and common sense of owning a diesel has taken off. The Eco boost engine has its place but the performance and MPG achieved through clean diesel engines can't be matched. The Ford Explorer and hopefully the Ranger with a small diesel engine would make the most sense for the current market of buyers. To have a small pick up truck or small SUV that gets around 30 MPG and has the performance to take the whole family to the mountains or the beach would be great. Plus taking a family trip in something bigger than a small car and gets good milage would be super nice for me. Please don't force me to buy the Dodge diesel SUV.
John Howard 06/13/2014
The Grand Cherokee and Ram diesel application is going to hurt Ford. Ford needs a diesel engine comparable to the VM Motori 3.0 engine. I bought the original Ford Explorer and the 2002 Ford Explorer. I replaced the 2002 Explorer with a diesel Grand Cherokee.
Avery R 04/25/2014
I agree 100%. Where I'm from diesel rules. I would love to have a diesel Explorer 4WD!